Overcoming Visa Retrogression: A Guide for Foreign-Educated Nurses Pursuing a Career in the US Healthcare Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the world, including the global healthcare industry. In the United States, the healthcare industry is facing a new challenge that affects the processing of foreign-educated nurses’ visa applications. The term used to describe this situation is retrogression, which refers to the unavailability of immigrant visas due to the high number of applicants compared to the limited number of available visas.

The retrogression of visas is affecting foreign-educated nurses who are planning to work in the United States, including those who have already passed the NCLEX exam. For those who have yet to start the process, it is important to understand that passing the NCLEX exam is the first step towards becoming a registered nurse in the United States.

Meanwhile, for those who have already passed the NCLEX exam, they need to proceed with Visa Screen and license endorsement to meet the requirements for the i-140 application process. The application process can still proceed despite the retrogression, but the processing time may take longer than usual.

It is important to continue with the processes that needs to be done, as retrogression is expected to be resolved in the coming months. Foreign-educated nurses who have already passed the NCLEX exam should not worry, as the i-140 application process can still be processed by agencies. Once your priority date is released, you just need to wait for your priority date to be current, and then you will wait for an interview.

The demand for nurses in the United States is still high, and the retrogression is only a temporary setback. Foreign-educated nurses should not lose hope and should continue to pursue their dreams of working in the United States. For those who have not started the NCLEX exam, it is important to start as soon as possible, as this is the first step towards achieving their goal.

In conclusion, the retrogression of visas for foreign-educated nurses in the United States is a challenge that can be overcome with patience and perseverance. The processing of visa applications may take longer than usual, but with proper preparation, foreign-educated nurses can still fulfill their dream of working in the United States.