FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the length of time your company is able to enter into a contract?
We usually have over 3-year contracts, but can work with what you prefer. We can find nurses who can work for at least 2 years.

What is the average placement length for an international RN?
The average we have placed is at least three years. Our nurses, on average, have stayed for 5.5 years, outlasting the 3-year contract by 2.5 years! You would not have to pay for those extra years of the nurse’s contract.

Can you provide your fee structure?
Please see the fee structure in our contract, which we can send to you. Our contract is also open for negotiation.

Is there a portal that can be reviewed and accessed to see candidates process?
Yes, you can access critical details about the candidate(s).

Are you a staffing agency?
No, we are an immigration law firm and legal technology company that helps specialize in this niche area of providing international healthcare professionals and other professions to the United States. We are not a staffing agency that charges staffing agency rates.

Is there regular reporting through dashboards of pipelines and hires?
Yes, we provide this in our dashboard.

Is there a timeline view for our facility to see where your company is at in the process of each candidate?
Yes, we will update you on the timeline of the nurse’s journey to your facility.

Would our facility have access to all of the employee titles you have available through a contract? Can you provide a list of all titles your company provides with regard to international staff (i.e., Surgical Techs, etc.)?
Yes, we provide nurses of any specialty. We also help supply other healthcare professionals such as physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs), nurse practitioners (NPs), and more. Let us know if you have other medical professions in mind—we most likely can help provide and cover this for you as well.

Who is the petitioner for the visa—VisaMadeEZ or our facility?
Your company.

What kind of work authorization is given (visa vs. permanent residency)?
We aim for permanent residence as every nurse or other healthcare professional, we plan to give to you is under a Green Card. In other cases, we can bring a nurse to you via the H1B visa.


What is the length of time you anticipate from the moment the candidate is interviewed until the visa and immigration process is complete?
It usually takes about 6 months in total if it’s a nurse coming internationally from another country to your U.S. facility. For international nurses already living and licensed in the U.S., it should take only about 1 month.

Can you describe your process from the moment the candidate search starts, to finding the candidate, entering them into the queue to the candidate starting orientation with our facility? What is the typical length of this process?
Similar to the previous answer, the typical length we have seen is about 6-8 months for international. It should take 1-2 maximum for those already based in the US, but it’s usually earlier than that.

Can you describe you your company organizes nursing candidates? Would there be a continuous queue or pipeline of nurses starting employment?
We already have a database of over 300,000 international healthcare professionals, as well as partnerships with several staffing agencies and international universities that will help supplement the pipeline. We also have a list of 1,0000 nurses already licensed and available in the US as well.

Would our facility be able to cap the number of nurses to on-board in a month or per orientation?
Yes, you can dictate the amount of nurses you need at a given time.

Who would be expected to provide housing (and the cost of housing) for the international RN?
What we have done in the past is a mutual effort between both parties. VisaMadeEZ can help pay for relocation and housing costs initially, which we would then be reimbursed by your facility. Alternatively, your facility can pay these costs upfront to the nurse or to us, which we can then give to them. We have an example of a contract we have done with other hospitals that deal with this matter.

Who employs the international RN? Would it typically be VisaMadeEZ or our facility?
The RN would be an employee of your company.

Does your software process immigration applications?
Yes, our software is designed to automatically process the necessary immigration applications you need. Just sign up here and fill in your information. We will help you take care of the rest.

Do you have an app?
Yes, you can download our app on iOS here or on Android/Google here.

Do you do EB-5 Investor visas?
Yes we do. (More information will be provided soon.)

What other type of visas do you offer and process?
See more here.

Can you detail your pay and bonus structure with the international RN?
The pay and bonus structure is entirely up to you. However, the wage you offer must be consistent with the Prevailing Wage Determination and must meet the minimum amount based on the employee’s skills and experience. More attractive packages will entice most of these international RNs to come to your facility.

Does the international RN have a contract with VisaMadeEZ?
They would sign an employment contract with your company. We can have them sign a contract on your behalf. We have contracts in place for union and non-union facilities if needed.

How quickly, once entering into a contract with our facility, would we be able to expect international RNs to report for work?
For our US-based international RNs, we expect this process to take only about 1-2 months, or sooner. In regards to nurses coming completely from another country and not US-based, this could take 6-8 months.

What is the process for international RN candidates to access English communication skills, if applicable?
All RNs we provide are screened for passing English speaking and writing competency test scores. Their English communications are screened ahead of time for you to make sure they are ready to work for you.

Will the international RNs be at-will employees (can our facility terminate a nurse at any time, if needed)?
No, they are under Green Card and through a 3-year employment agreement with your facility. However, if the nurse is not up-to-par with your facility’s standards, we can move this nurse elsewhere and try to provide a replacement.

What is the process if the international RN violates/breaks their assignment agreement to work with our facility?
We have clauses in place that you can add to your contract that will help prevent this from happening, for union and non-union facilities. We also provide another solution where we bring another international nurse that fulfills the remaining length of the contract of the nurse that left.

How good are the candidates’ English language skills?
No candidate can enter our program without a qualifying English language exam score. You can personally confirm their English language proficiency when you interview them. There are no surprises and candidates who are not from a native English-speaking country must pass either IELTS or TOEFL.

Do all candidates come with an active state license?
Yes. All candidates will be licensed in the state in which they are working if licensure is required. Medical technologists will all be ASCPi or AMT certified and state-licensed if a requirement of the state in which they are employed.

Can all of the candidates drive and what about daily transportation?
Candidates are required to be capable of driving in the United States. For home health candidates, driving instruction is provided by VisaMadeEZ (VME). Also, VME will leverage its resources to provide an opportunity for candidates to purchase a car.

How do they get to the United States?
VisaMadeEZ (VME) can personally accompany candidates to their assignment and in most cases assist with start-up initiatives like opening a bank account, finding the grocery store, or setting up Social Security. We can also teach our employees how to do this as well. VME has an experienced team that can ensure a stress-free arrival and start.

When can we interview?
Depending on the review for licensure and qualifications for the position, the interviews can usually be set up within 1-3 weeks.

Who takes care of everything? Candidate housing? Visas, licenses, immigration?
VisaMadeEZ (VME) staffs an internal team of attorneys, travel/housing coordinators, and credentialing experts that handle all immigration logistics. Some scenarios, such as housing, will require teamwork between VME and the client to find adequate housing.

Will the employee be required to meet the facility’s annual requirements? This may include annual flu shots, etc.
Yes, VisaMadeEZ (VME) ensures that professionals complete any annual competencies that are required by your facility. We would request that a list of these competencies be sent to VME before a professional begins work so we can make sure the requirements are met.

If a VisaMadeEz healthcare professional is replaced with another VisaMadeEz candidate during the course of the contract, does the replacement step into the contract at the point of time that the first individual left?
The replacement employee would step into the contract at the point another employee leaves.

What is the prevailing wage we would be required to pay for RNs?
Prevailing wage is determined by the area and locations of where you plan to have the RNs work at. For example, the prevailing wage determination for a location like Bedford Hills, New Hampshire is listed at $59,758 per year. We use this link for all Prevailing Wages.

What support does the VisaMadeEZ provide to the candidates upon preparing for and arriving in the US?
VisaMadeEZ is your HR solution and immigration law firm. We promote candidates who can easily assimilate and are prepared to work in the United States for your facility. We are not a staffing agency. However, we can provide potential nurses with various types of support your facility can offer to these nurses to attract them to work for you and fill your open positions. These nurses will be employees of your company, not VisaMadeEZ.

What support does the VisaMadeEZ provide to employers to train for culture, acceptance, etc.?
VisaMadeEZ is your HR solution and immigration law firm. We promote candidates who can easily assimilate and are prepared to work in the United States for your facility. We are not a staffing agency. However, we can provide to potential nurses with various types of support your facility can offer to these nurses to attract them to work for you and fill your open positions. These nurses will be employees of your company, not VisaMadeEZ. We can make sure the nurses have received the certification training needed or required by your facility to prepare each nurse for their placement as a US RN. Usually, facilities may provide a comprehensive orientation and training for newly hired nurses anywhere from 6-8 weeks.

Is housing required/preferred? Temporary/Permanent?
VisaMadeEZ is not a staffing agency. We are an immigration law firm that can bring nurses to you and make them an employee of your company. Therefore, we do not provide housing, but it may be a benefit your facility can give to nurses interested in our pipeline and database. You can let us know if this is an option offered, and it can be used to have nurses more interested in working for your facility and filling your open positions.

Are spouses’ part of the deal?
Yes, any nurse with a family that is hired by your facility can bring their spouse and children with them. This is automatically done when we file the immigration visas for their nurses to bring them to the United States.

What guarantees does VisaMadeEZ provide if a nurse leaves the company?
VisaMadeEZ can provide employment contracts and/or clauses that assist in preventing a nurse from leaving your facility or breaching their contract. We also provide a replacement for your nurse if the other one leaves.

What are other subsequent fees for placement?
There are no other fees other than the upfront costs and fees of filing and bringing the nurse to you. All the fees are already added to the cost of our service provided for you.

What is VME offering?
VME provides immigration visa processing services and would serve as an extension of your HR. VME will screen, qualify, interview, and select qualified candidates that match your requirements. We will process their petition and permanent placement.

How does this work?
We have an existing pool of over 1,000 RNs that are readily available for deployment. We will send you a list of these nurses together with their existing licenses in different states. You send us your requirements (number of required nurses, specialization, state licenses), target salary rate, and benefits, and we will match/pool them all together and submit a list to you for your review. Once all these candidates have passed your requirements, we will then proceed with visa filing and processing.

When are the nurses available?
The existing pool of nurses is available within 3 weeks from contract signing.

What are the licenses of nurses?
All nurses are NCLEX passers. We only processed NCLEX passers. Their licenses are available in the list we have sent you. Please do let us know if you have further queries or requirements

What type of visa can be processed for these nurses?
We can process immigrant visas and H1B depending on your requirements. These nurses would have an initial 3-year contract with your facility.

How long will the processing of visa be?
Processing can take anywhere from 6-18 months depending on the nurse and where they’re coming from, as well as the speed of the US Immigration Department in their processing.

What is the specialization of the available nurses?
We will send you a list of nurses with their specialization

How much are the processing fees?
The upfront cost depends on which payment scenario you pick in our contract.

How to remit payment to VME?
Payments could made through check or bank transfer.

Are the payment terms negotiable?
We are flexible. You may send us your payment term proposal for our consideration.

Are RNs from the VME pool willing to be assigned in traveling assignments or just local assignments?
All nurses are direct-hires. It depends on the nurse if they want to do local or traveling. If your facility provides information regarding pay, benefits, and training regarding travel and local assignments, we can forward it to our nurses to see if they are interested. Most likely, there will be some who will be interested in agreeing to this assignment.

Do your NYS licensed nurses already have Visas? What would be the upfront cost to us if we requested for RNs?
Yes, all the New York licensed nurses will already have their visas. The only thing we would need to change is transferring their visa so it can be under your facility’s name.

How would we get to meet the nurses you have selected for us? Zoom interviews and resumes?
We will provide you with resumes, as well as set up Zoom/Teams interviews so you can meet with the nurses. We can help coordinate and set this up for you. If the nurse is nearby, we can also coordinate in-person/face-to-face interviews at your location.

How does VME screen for qualified healthcare professionals prior to deployment?
VME screens for qualified healthcare professionals through our connection with various staffing agencies and recruiters across the world. We also have experienced recruiters in countries such as the Philippines where they actively recruit and find nurses from the top universities. Our team features members who have been involved in the staffing and recruiting agency for over 30 years. VME screens by making sure the nurse has passed all the necessary requirements to come to the United States such as passing their NCLEX, having all their licenses in check, English exams, and complying with being Joint Commission approved.

What is the timeline for VME to complete and fulfill the immediate staffing requirement of a client?
For our nurses list of ones ready to go, they can be ready to go in the next month or less. For nurses we are filing to bring from a different country to the United States and to your facility, this process typically takes between 6-9 months.

What distinguishes VME from other immigration service providers?
We cut out the middleman of a traditional immigration law firm or a staffing agency. We blend the best of both worlds along with our scalable technology software that processes filings efficiently and accurately. We also help you save a lot more money in this process compared to going through a law firm or staffing agency.

How quickly can VME provide manpower replacement?
In the event of a nurse leaving, we can quickly provide a replacement via our pipeline of ready-to-go nurses in the United States within a month. The other option is bringing a replacement nurse from another country, which would go through the 6-9-month immigration filing process.

What type of visas can VME process for foreign nurses?
We can process any kind of immigration filing or visa for the foreign healthcare professional. However, the majority of what we are processing are Green Cards for the healthcare professionals to bring to your facility. In other circumstances, we can provide H1B, but most of the filings we are providing are Green Card applications.

Will VME process family visas for chosen qualified nurses? If so, will there be an additional cost for this?
We will process family visas for qualified healthcare professionals if they have a spouse and/or children. There is no additional cost for this.

Does VME provides opportunities in all 50 states?
Yes, VME has opportunities in all 50 states.

What is the scope of filling consultation and process?
VME will screen for potential candidates, and they will provide the necessary information that will allow us to quickly file and fill out the immigration forms. We will also ask the facility/company to complete certain forms and provide information that is required to bring the healthcare professional over to them.

If you have any questions that were not answered in this page, contact us here or schedule a meeting with us.