November 2023 Visa Bulletin Analysis: Opportunities for International Nurses

Visa Bulletin

Table A: Final Action Dates — Applications with these dates may be approved for their Green Card (Permanent Residency card) or Immigrant Visa appointment.

All Chargeability 
Areas Except
Those Listed

Table B: Dates of Filing

The USCIS is expected to use the Table B Dates of Filing chart for I-485 employment-based filings. See: USCIS Visa Bulletin Dates

VisaMadeEZ, believes that USCIS is acting conservatively in its approach. Although this may be frustrating for many, it could potentially alleviate anxiety surrounding the monthly chart and offer a more precise measure of processing times for all parties involved.

One notable aspect is the nearly two-year EB-3 retrogression for non-India and China, which has been received with dissatisfaction. However, it is important to recognize that this retrogression may provide a stable set of dates for planning purposes. It is expected that these categories will gradually progress throughout the fiscal year, extending into 2022 and even potentially stretching into 2023 before the fiscal year concludes.

At VisaMadeEZ, our mission is to assist healthcare organizations in hiring international nurses, empowering them to bridge the gap in healthcare provision. In this article, we delve into the latest insights from the November 2023 Visa Bulletin analysis, highlighting the promising opportunities for healthcare employers to meet their staffing needs. We provide essential information for healthcare organizations seeking to navigate the visa sponsorship process smoothly and effectively.

Understanding the November 2023 Visa Bulletin:
The November 2023 Visa Bulletin reveals valuable updates regarding immigrant visa availability, presenting international nurses with increased opportunities to work in the United States. This analysis is particularly crucial for healthcare organizations as they strive to enhance their nursing staff. Keep in mind that staying informed is paramount, and partnering with an experienced immigration law firm like VisaMadeEZ can greatly streamline the hiring process.

Navigating the Visa Sponsorship Process:
Understanding the visa sponsorship process is crucial for healthcare employers seeking to bring international nurses onboard. At VisaMadeEZ, we specialize in guiding healthcare organizations through every step, ensuring a seamless experience. Our team of experienced immigration attorneys assists with labor certification, visa petition filing, visa interview preparation, and more. Entrusting the process to professionals allows healthcare providers to focus on their core mission of patient care.

Maximizing Your Hiring Strategy:
Expanding your hiring strategy to include international nurses opens up a world of talent and helps address the nursing shortage. However, it’s crucial to balance recruitment within the United States and internationally. Partnering with a reputable immigration law firm like VisaMadeEZ ensures compliance with immigration laws, streamlines the process, and maximizes your chances of securing qualified international nursing staff.

The November 2023 Visa Bulletin analysis unveils promising opportunities for healthcare organizations seeking to hire international nurses. Capitalizing on the EB-3 visa category, healthcare employers can tap into a diverse pool of skilled nurses from around the world. Exploring additional avenues within the EB-2 category, while less common, may also yield fruitful results. By partnering with VisaMadeEZ—an immigration law firm specializing in healthcare recruitment—organizations can navigate the visa sponsorship process with confidence and focus on providing exceptional care to patients. Contact us today to streamline your hiring process and address your nursing staff needs efficiently.