Navigating the February Visa Bulletin: Ensuring Hospital Continuity and Addressing Nursing Shortages

Visa Bulletin

Table A: Final Action Dates — Applications with these dates may be approved for their Green Card (Permanent Residency card) or Immigrant Visa appointment.

All Chargeability 
Areas Except
Those Listed

Table B: Dates of Filing

The USCIS is expected to use the Table B Dates of Filing chart for I-485 employment-based filings. See: USCIS Visa Bulletin Dates

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, hospitals and healthcare organizations face several challenges, including staffing shortages and navigating the intricacies of the immigration process. At VisaMadeEZ, an immigration law firm specializing in helping healthcare organizations hire international nurses, we understand the crucial need for hospitals to stay ahead of the curve. By avoiding disruption while efficiently addressing nursing shortages, hospitals can enhance patient care and maintain their reputation as leading healthcare providers. Let us explore why hospitals should prioritize staying ahead and how VisaMadeEZ can provide a cost-efficient solution.

Understanding the February Visa Bulletin:

The February Visa Bulletin sets the tone for the immigration process by outlining visa availability for various employment-based categories. For healthcare organizations seeking to hire international nurses, staying up-to-date with the bulletin is essential to ensure a smooth hiring process. By keeping track of the visa availability dates, hospitals can strategically plan their recruitment efforts and avoid any potential disruptions caused by visa retrogression or unanticipated changes.

Supporting Hospitals with a Cost-Efficient Solution:

VisaMadeEZ recognizes the urgency hospitals face when it comes to filling nursing vacancies. We are dedicated to offering a cost-efficient solution that streamlines the immigration process, minimizing the time and resources required to hire international nurses. Our immigration and legal experts are well-versed in the complexities of healthcare immigration law and utilize their experience to guide hospitals through the process smoothly.

With our extensive pipeline of over 250,000 international nursing candidates, VisaMadeEZ ensures that hospitals have access to a vast pool of qualified professionals. We diligently screen and select candidates aligning with our clients’ requirements, promoting a seamless integration into the healthcare system.

Staying Ahead to Avoid Hospital Disruption:

Hospital continuity is of paramount importance for maintaining patient care standards and reputation. By partnering with VisaMadeEZ, hospitals gain a competitive advantage, ensuring they remain ahead of the curve in the face of nursing shortages.

By proactively addressing staffing needs, hospitals can avoid potential disruptions that may arise due to understaffing or surging patient demand. Our team works tirelessly to expedite the immigration process, overcoming potential bureaucratic delays and ensuring a consistent flow of international nurses into hospitals.


The February Visa Bulletin serves as a roadmap for healthcare organizations, allowing them to address nursing shortages and maintain operational continuity. VisaMadeEZ, as a specialized immigration law firm, understands the unique challenges faced by hospitals seeking to hire international nurses. By offering a cost-efficient solution and an extensive pool of qualified candidates, we provide healthcare organizations with the necessary tools to stay ahead of the curve and prevent any disruptions that could affect patient care.

Maintaining a strong workforce is vital for hospitals to maintain their reputation as leaders in the provision of exceptional patient care. Partnering with VisaMadeEZ empowers hospitals to navigate the complexities of immigration law effortlessly and seamlessly address their nursing shortage challenges. Let us help you unlock the potential of international nursing talent and secure a brighter future for your organization. Contact VisaMadeEZ today to embark on this transformative journey.