July 2023 Visa Bulletin Analysis and Implications for International Nurses

For healthcare organizations in the United States, the need for qualified nursing staff is always in high demand. As the country continues to navigate the ongoing global health crisis, it’s no surprise that the immigration process for international nurses seeking work in the U.S. can be complicated and lengthy. However, the July 2023 Visa Bulletin release brings hope to those looking to hire and those who wish to work in the U.S.

At VisaMadeEZ, an immigration law firm that specializes in helping healthcare organizations hire international nurses, we understand the importance of having legal representation throughout the process. Without proper guidance, time-sensitive opportunities can be lost, and applications could potentially be delayed or denied altogether. Hiring an experienced healthcare immigration attorney in navigating these complexities can ensure a successful application.

The July 2023 Visa Bulletin shows promising trends for all employment-based green card categories, including the EB-3 visas typically used by healthcare employers for international nurses. The EB-3 visa remains a popular choice for healthcare employers due to the nurses’ educational qualifications, typically having completed a nursing diploma, Associate Degree in Nursing, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Visa Bulletin

Table A: Final Action Dates — Applications with these dates may be approved for their Green Card (Permanent Residency card) or Immigrant Visa appointment.

Other workers01JAN2001SEP1501JAN0901JAN20

It’s worth noting that the Visa Bulletin is always subject to change, so it’s essential to consult an immigration attorney to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

In conclusion, the July 2023 Visa Bulletin provides hope for healthcare employers seeking to fill nursing shortages and highlights the importance of hiring an immigration law firm. With the assistance of VisaMadeEZ, healthcare organizations can streamline the immigration process and navigate potential pitfalls. For international nurses looking to work in the U.S., now is the time to explore your options and seek legal counsel to start the process.