Top 5 Advantages of Using a Technology-Based Immigration Law Firm Like VisaMadeEZ

We here at VisaMadeEZ like to point out that we are a technology-based law firm, but what does that really mean? In short, this type of immigration law firm utilizes technology to streamline its processes and improve the overall experience for its clients.

Below are five distinct advantages that are offered by VisaMadeEZ that other immigration law firms simply cannot provide.

Online Case Management & Data Security

Clients can access their case information and documents, as well as communicate with the attorney and staff, via a secure online portal. Our technology-based platform provides a secure environment to store client data and sensitive information, reducing the risk of data breaches.

With VisaMadeEZ, a custom portal is designed for you to keep track of your immigration needs. For individuals, they can access in real-time where they stand during the immigration process via the USCIS.

Larger clients such as hospitals can utilize our service to track foreign healthcare professionals who will be working with them. They can keep track of where they are in the process and plan for when they begin their start date.

More Cost-Effective

By reducing the need for manual labor, technology-based immigration law firms can offer services at a lower cost than traditional law firms. Most immigration law firms charge higher prices than we do, but their services are conducted manually and with less efficiency.

We use electronic filing systems to submit immigration applications and petitions to government agencies such as the USCIS, or when we file for Prevailing Wage Determination on behalf of other facilities and clients that work with us.

Gone are the days of manual filing and “snail mail” of sending out applications. Electronic filing, or e-filing, allows for a smoother and more accurate process of having important documents and information submitted to the necessary departments.

Convenience & Video Conferencing

The firm may use video conferencing for consultations, interviews, and other meetings, allowing clients to participate remotely. This allows for more convenience and accessibility.

This allows for full flexibility and scaling when it comes to meeting with our clients or possible clients, instead of like a traditional law firm that requires face-to-face, physical meetings all the time. This can lead to lost time and efficiency due to travel and other time-saving issues.

You can set up a video conference meeting with VisaMadeEZ up to 30 weekdays into the future at various times of the day by using our scheduling link here.

Efficiency of Automation

The software of our technology-based immigration law firm allows us to automatically generate and prepare immigration-related documents, such as forms and petitions. Individuals can fill out the necessary information that will automatically fill out the fields of any immigration form that is required, such as if one is filing for a Green Card.

We can streamline processes and reduce manual errors, increasing the efficiency of case handling. Instead of dealing with the monotonous, time-consuming task of filling out the same information over and over again, our method saves you hours of work. It also creates more accuracy as human error can cause some forms to have mistakes that are easily preventable.

Even if the mistakes are small, it can be the difference between your application being approved or rejected. With our automated document generation tool, it has helped create almost 100% accuracy with form information, a 98% approval rate with the USCIS, over 10 times faster filing, and much more.

This automation feature also assists in other areas such as filing for Prevailing Wage documentation, endorsement licensing for healthcare professionals such as nurses, and more.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our AI (artificial intelligence) software will allow for more accuracy and fewer headaches for our clients when it comes to the complicated immigration process.

For our individual clients who are going through the immigration process through VisaMadeEZ, our portal will constantly update to check where they stand in the process with the USCIS. Based on past clients’ success, our software can predict the likelihood of approval based on the officer reviewing the profile over at the U.S. Immigration Department.

For our larger clients such as healthcare facilities, we can match their job openings to our foreign healthcare professional clients who are applying through immigration. Our AI software portal will automatically match based on the nurse’s preferences, skills, experiences, and more to what the job opening is requesting.

With our database of over 300,000 candidates, an abundance of job openings will be available for them to apply to. Any job they are interested in or want to apply for will be notified to the facility automatically. If the company approves, VisaMadeEZ will take care of the immigration process for the candidate, resulting in decreased turnover for that facility and a secured future for the nurse. All of this is a nonstop process and will continue to update.


Our kind of technology-based immigration law firm can provide benefits such as increased efficiency and convenience, as well as better communication with clients and facilities.

VisaMadeEZ aims to be a disruptor in the immigration and healthcare market. By using some of the tools mentioned above as well as others that are continually being expanded on, we aim to help fix the job shortage that has been plaguing the healthcare industry since the pandemic and democratize the immigration process, effectively cutting out any unnecessary middlemen.

If you would like to learn more or want to be a part of this cutting-edge platform, you can register at our site here and schedule a meeting with us here.

Josh Dhani